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Michaelmas 2015 Visiting Research Scholar

Tuesday 1st December 2015

During the autumn Michaelmas Term, the Las Casas Institute welcomed Dr Anthony Miserandino as a Visiting Research Scholar. He has recently retired from many years of service as President of Mt St Michael Academy in the Bronx, NY. Prior to this he served in administrative positions in both Catholic and Public educational systems.

The focus of his research at the Institute was the social justice impact of the Catholic school system in the United States. The historical service to the urban poor that Catholic schools have offered for over a century in the United States is threatened by economic collapse. Dr Miserandino examined this issue and possible funding strategies to ensure the future of Catholic education in the United States. He has generously provided us with a working draft, which provided on this page.

Dr Miserandino has taught at Fordham University, Pace University, and Hunter College (CUNY). He will return to Fordham university as a part-time Professor in January, 2016. He has served as editor for the Roeper Review and the Journal of Gifted Education. His research centers on minority student achievement, gifted education, and moral leadership for Educational Administrators. His past publications and research have explored gifted education, minority student achievement, and school leadership issues in both Catholic and public school settings (see Google Scholar for details). His research has been supported by the Edwin Ford Foundation and the US Department of Education. He holds a BA in English and Theology from Marist College, MA in Theology from Union Theological Seminary, and MS and PhD in Psychology from Fordham University.